Calabash Kennels. Our kennels are all completely covered and we have comfortable and spacious runs – 2 metres wide by 6 metres long. Each of our Single story buildings have views over the surrounding playareas and are fully secured with double strand mesh fencing, double entries and exits and 24 hour supervision.

Each of our kennels has adjoining sleeping quarters allowing the dogs both warmth and space and each room comes with its own large clean trampoline bed and a very high standard of cleanliness.

Dog walking - It is a lovely extra interlude to the day that offers the chance for your dog to really stretch his or her legs, smell some great new smells, and interact with other wildlfe.

Calabash Kennels pays Special Attention to first timers and to those pets that may be worried about staying away from home. Please let us know your requests prior to arrival - and we will do our best to make your dogs stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.




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Best of all - Playtime is Free of Charge.

We take our responsibilities to your dog's mental and physical health seriously
- we regard playtime as time for your pet to roam outside of his or her boarding room.

You don’t lock your dog up 24 hours a day - and neither do we!

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