When you are on a trip, your pet may decide to try to "find" you.
We feel that some kennels may not offer the same level of security as Calabash Kennels & Cattery.

Pets can escape from inexperienced or immature handlers who might be asked to watch your pet. Our Staff are all highly trained and experienced with dogs and cats of all sizes and
temperaments. However there may be times when your pet decides to make a break for freedom and that’s where our attention to detail is apparent.

Calabash Boarding Kennels, and Cattery is designed to prevent this kind of accident. During your kennel visit, look for our sturdy gates, well-maintained fencing, and dividers between runs. If your dog is a climber, digger or some other type of "escape artist," it is always best to let us know, but you can also rest assured that our facilities offer first class security with double gates, overhead double strand mesh fencing and locks on entries and exits. Cats always require covered facilities and all our cattery and kennels are completely covered - large spacious runs that are 2 metres wide by 6 meters long.

Supervision and peace of mind.
Proper supervision is the key to good boarding. All of your pets are checked frequently during the day by someone who is trained to recognize any signs of illness and distress.

We have the practical experience and knowledge required to detect or interpret any symptoms such as lethargy, severe intestinal disorders (bloody stools), urinary problems (it is almost impossible to detect blood in urine when pets urinate on grass), loss of appetite, coughing, sneezing, or discharges from the eyes or nose.

All of these signs can be significant and our competent kennel personnel are trained to recognize and evaluate any such signs and to seek veterinary assistance when needed.

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Linda is the most animal - empathetic person we have encountered in any animal care environment.

Owning a storm-phobic dog, we are ultra cautious about leaving him anywhere outside home but we have entrusted him (and will only) to the genuine care provided by Calabash many times - and can relax in the knowledge of the alert and understanding attention he receives.

No aspect is overlooked in the provision of care and facilities for the animals at Calabash.

Tony and Diana Kent.


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